Hagers Enzyklopädie

Hagers Enzyklopädie der Arzneistoffe und Drogen

Blaschek, Wolfgang (ed.) / Ebel, Siegfried (ed.) / Hilgenfeldt, U. (ed.) / Holzgrabe, Ulrike (ed.) / Reichling, Jürgen (ed.) / Schulz, V. / Barthlott, Wilhelm (collaborator) / Höltje, Hans-Dieter

The largest data collection on chemicals, medicinal substances and drugs at your fingertips in an instant.

  • more than 5,790 substances
  • over 3,440 medications
  • in addition, over 900 historical monographs from the archives
  • a wealth of additional cross-references provided as hyperlinks
  • more than 32,350 links to MedLine
  • over 560 plant illustrations in color
  • more than 12,000 structural formulas

With its wide range of contents and the high quality of the information it provides, Hager’s Enzyklopädie is the unrivalled standard reference for pharmacists in practice, teaching and research.

Data in German


  • Regular, continuous updates