Fiedler - Encyclopedia of Excipients

Fiedler - Encyclopedia of Excipients

“Fiedler – Encyclopedia of Excipients” is the most comprehensive database on excipients used in pharmacy, cosmetics and related fields offering 12’000+ entries. Monographs follow a unified structure:

  • Names and synonyms: INN, INCI, compendial, trivial and chemical names, trademarks, CAS-, EINECS- and E-numbers
  • Definition: Description, composition, chemical structure, molar mass
  • Basic properties: Appearance, physicochemical data, solubility, spectra, etc.
  • Application characteristics and main uses in pharmacy and cosmetics, illustrated by examples
  • Stability and incompatibilities
  • Pharmacology and toxicology
  • Analysis methods
  • References with broad literature citations
  • List of excipient suppliers

A manufacturers directory gives addresses and full contact details.


  • Monthly updates