Index Nominum

Index Nominum - International Database of Pharmaceutical Substances and Preparations

Index Nominum is the international database for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), branded medicinal products, synonyms, and chemical structures.


  • Overview of the international nonproprietary names (INN), chemical designations (IUPAC), official synonyms, and medicinal products (medications containing a single active substance as well as dual combinations and selected combination drugs containing three or four active agents) made by 30,000 manufacturers in 166 countries.
  • 8,100 APIs and derivative agents, 26,000 synonyms, and more than 470,000 tradenames of medicinal products for human and veterinary use
  • Targeted search by API name, branded medicinal product, CAS No., therapeutic class, ATC code, ATCvet code, and manufacturer
  • APIs that are no longer commercially available are retained and correspondingly labeled “off-market”. Branded medicinal products withdrawn from the market are given a country-specific "off-market" label.

Index Nominum makes you singularly successful in your search for national and foreign branded medicinal products, APIs, and manufacturers.

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  • Monthly updates